HV-Polo-UK Deluxe Boots/Socks

HV Polo Deluxe Boot Bag Dark Brown

HV-Polo-UK Saddle Pads

Eduardo GP Saddle Pad Full

HV-Polo-UK Ladies Jackets

HV Polo Esai Ladies Fitted

HV-Polo-UK Mens Waterproof Jackets

HV Polo Hoseo Mens Waterproof Softshell Jacket

HV Polo


HV Polo

A warm Welcome to HV POLO.co.uk. This site is a subsidiary of Equiboodle, dedicated to showcasing the wonderful range of HV POLO clothing, Accessories and Horse wear available via Equiboodle either in store or online.

Through our HV Polo online shop, you will be able to browse and purchase a wide range of HV Polo equestrian clothing such as HV Polo Coats, HV Polo Jackets, HV Polo breeches, HV Polo shirts, HV Polo socks, HV Polo saddle pads and HV Polo fleece bandages plus much more.

Equiboodle is a recognised brand in it's own right based in the heart of Cotswolds, famous for combining equestrian fashion with equestrian practicality our collections will ensure that whether spectating or competing our customers always look at the top of their game.